NBA Season Award Prediction !

          Ssup Guys ! Its been a while for me to write my third post in this blog . Ma third post is about National Basketball Association (NBA) , for you who does not know about NBA , NBA is basketball league in United States which is the best basketball league in the entire world , yes in entire world ! , NBA is a global game , because many players play and dominate in NBA are from country outside the USA such as Dirk Nowitzki ( Germany) , Marc and Pau Gasol ( Spain) , Goran Dragic (Slovenia) , and many more .

         In today post i will predict NBA award in 2017-2018 seasons , who become a MVP , DPOY Most Improve Players , 6 Man of the year ,  and Rookie of the year. Here we go enjoy !

  1. Most Valuable Players (MVP)
 JAMES HARDEN (Houston Rockets)

Became a shooting guard its not about shooting , Harden become the best shooting guard in the league for his playing making skill and his drawing foul skill which its unique in the NBA . His stats until 31st January 2018 is 31.6 Pts , 5 rebound , 9.1 AST in 44% Field Goal and 30.3 PER ( Players Effeciency Rating ) and he is the first player in NBA history to record 60 point triple double ( 60 , 10, 11) . He carry the Rocket 36-13 and in the second place in the loaded western conference behind the defending champion golden state warriors . Back court duo of Harden and Paul is prove to be deadly in the court , Paul who is more pure play maker become the contributor of James point , and with the length of perimeter defender of Trevor ariza and interior defend of Clint Capela , This year The Rocket have a change to become the western conference champion . I know his lack of perimeter defend become his main weakness we saw many low light of him playing bad defend but this season Harden very capable to guard second best guard on the opposing team . In todays game which is space and pass play , the team who have a shooting guard who can shoot and making play for other are very valuable especialy in the loaded western conference . This my prediction for MVP in 2017-2018 season . 

    2. Defensive Players of The Year (DPOY)

         DRAYMOND GREEN ( Golden State Warriors)

His presence in warriors defend become so significant , being not best players in his team he prove that he one of the best all around players in western conference . His all around play and tenacity have big impact in 4 year straight GSW trip to final when he guarding Lebron James , best players in the world , his absence in 2015 NBA Finals game 5 proven to be devastating for GSW and his absence cost GSW 2016 NBA Championship . I am not talking about statistic in my prediction of DPOY , but Dreymond have solid 10 point , 7 ast , 7 reb , 1 steal , 2 block , but not about his stat but his deflection and overall effort who make this guy very important for GSW especialy with small ball lineup without any center, he can guard perimeter players , center , and wing players .
With addition of Kevin Durant , the GSW offensive become so deadly and his length can help the defend of GSW and make job of Draymond easier . Honestly i did not like Draymond at all (pardon) because his personality on the court from nut kick in 2014 playoff , his protest to the ref when play off game, but his really nice person off the court , its proven when he doing charity work when city of houston destroy from hurricane but despite his personalty Draymond its the best 2 way players and his skill and size deserve to be DPOY .

    3. Most Improve Players (MIP)

         VICTOR OLADIPO (Indiana Pacers)

Bust ? maybe when first drafted second overall by the Orlando Magic in 2013 , his first and second year prove that Victor struggle against grow man player in NBA . Skill set that he had when he play in Indiana University is slashing players with incredible defensive potential and athletisme but not so capable jump shoot . His size and his length are average for NBA wing players but his overall skill set and atheletisme make Magic took him second overall . After 4 years with the Magic , Magic trade him to the Oklahoma City Thunder at this time he have the opportunity to play with another player similar with him Russel Westbrook but also in his first and only year in Oklahoma Victor still struggling with his jump shoot and his defend and by his first year Victor is traded to Indiana Pacers . Indiana luckily is his blessing in disguise , with departure of all stars Paul George many analyst predict Indiana will be one of the worst team in eastern conference but despite the doubt, Victor prove that he deserve to be second overall pick back in 2013 . His stat say it all he average 24.1 Point , 5.2 Rebound , and 4.1 Assist and he selected to the 2018 NBA all stars , in his previous season Victor average 15.9 Point , 4.3 Rebound , and 2.6 Assist . This is a major improvement from his previous season and more important that Indiana Pacers are in the playoff standing . For that reason , i predict that Victor Oladipo is the Most Improve Players .

    4. Six Man of The Year

         Lou Williams ( Los Angeles Clippers)

Lou already known in this league for his pure scorer role in several team in NBA such as LA Lakers and Houston Rockets , before he go to the Clippers . He is shooting guard with average size but have a scorer skill such as shooting , finishing above the ring , and dribble . Sweet Lou as many NBA fans called him , his contribution in Clippers proven to be crucial , the departure of Chris Paul and many players gone because of injury such as Patrick Baverly and Danillo Galinari make the Clippers not so deadly compare to the last season and that was a big problem for the Clippers to compete in the loaded western conference . Lou prove to be the answer , many game he did score 30 in back to back game and became the first option of the Clippers offensive and no doubt he carry the Clippers offensive from the bench . Until 4th February 2018 he average 23.4 Point , 2.5 Rebound , and 5.2 Assist and most of the time he got as we already know its off the bench . Not only he can score but the departure of Blake Griffin make Lou will become more needed for Clippers Offensive scheme and Lou also in the conversation of the All Stars , that show how good this guy is from the bench but he produce more than most of the starting shooting guard in the league . 6 man of the year are award dedicated to players which produce more than the starter players role , his competitor for 6 man of the year award is Eric Gordon from Houston Rocket he also produce solid number but in my opinion Sweet Lou have a better offensive rating than Gordon and Lou Carrying the offensive while Gordon only ride on bandwagon with Harden and Paul . Thats my prediction for 6 man of the year

    5. Rookie of The Year (ROTY)
         BEN SIMMONS (Philadelphia 76ers)

  Its hard to predict the ROTY award , its tight match between Donavan Mitcheel of the Utah Jazz and Ben Simmons . Another rookie beside two of them also prove that they can be on of the league best players , one of them are Jayson Tatum , Lonzo Ball , and Dennis Smith Junior . But on top that Simmons not also dominating already in his first season but he also make 76ers a playoffs contender in the eastern conference and Simmons a triple double threat for every team he play against . His style of play and his size is unique , he is 6'9 with a playmaking ability and also extreme athletic ability . He style of play are many say similar with one of the greatest players of all time Lebron James , even Lebron himself say Simmons can be better than him . But my biggest reason why iam predict Simmons to be ROTY because Simmons have immediate impact for the 76ers and 76ers not only rebuilding team but also on of the playoffs contender . He also have bigger potential compare to Donavan , i dont mean Donavan does not have a great talent but i think Simmon can have bigger 'star power' than Donavan , he is 6'9 point guard dude! he can rebound take it all the way and finish around the rim , he can pass , he can dunk but his weakness is in his shooting ability but in many years before we saw many player can not shooting but ended up are very capable jump shooter such as Lebron ,Jason Kidd , and Kevin Garnett . Imagine a 6'9 Point Guard who can dribble , rebound , defend , and also shooting . His talent can bring him to be a on of the NBA stars and be frenchchise players for Philadelphia 76ers . Trust the process dude! and that what 76ers got a amazing talent like Ben Simmons

Thats its ! my prediction for NBA awards are done ! pardon me for bad english ( namanya juga belajar ya ges :) if you have a comment or disagreement feel free to comment and we see it in the end of the season , are my prediction are correct or its just all the way wrong !

Thank you guys for reading my blog ! if you have idea or something to suggest for i write about hit me on my instagram @daffaafifakbar and i open for critics especialy for my english .

See ya !