Ssup Guys ! Today i will talking about what the importance of sport for young people . A lot of people still thinking that sport dont make any sense for young people life , but the reality is totally opposite than the reality. Why i have such a confident that sport is really good for young people ? There is (3) reasons why you as a young people start move your ass and start doing some work out!

  1. Its Totally Healthy 
     Yes! this obviously the biggest reason why you people should doing sport ! Many sport use so many acrobatics moves in my case i play basketball for countless time , basketball require so many athletics move such as jump,run,slide,and run and stop . Its good for your health especially if you have cardio vascular (Heart) disease you can train your cardio vascular with sport . Many sport also can be fun , Soccer for example , is easy to play does not need many equipment to do and can play everywhere ! yes in the backyard , front yard , side yard , any yard (I know its not funny -_-haha) also can play in soccer field , basketball court as long you have the goal and the ball who can easily bought especially in Indonesia . So the obvious reason why you should doing sport is HEALTY!

      2.Take care you from bad neighbor hood 
     Recently i watch a tv show called "Open Court 101" its a NBA TV talk show which is invited many NBA vets such as Shaquile o'neal , Charles Barkley,Kenny "The Jet"Smith , and many NBA vets . In one segment , the moderator throw one unique question that question is "From scale 1-10 how many basketball is matter to your life?"  . Many great answer throw by the NBA vets , but one answer stood up over another Charles answer that question with great point , the point is . Sport teach you how to compete , and how to work hard because in sport many people tend to hate losing so how people become winner in sport ? by working your butt off so in sport we taught that to get something you want you must work you lazy ass hard and take that win over somebody and because you wanna win you spend entire time in the gym working your game , and you also avoid bad neighbor hood such as drugs alcohol and free sex because you spend countless time in gym to get that win because sport teach you how to compete ! . So sport really important because they taught us how to compete and teach us that if you want something you must get it because win is earned not given !

     3.Its Fun !

    The one reason that people forget about sport is they are totally fun ! The Sport Game like Basketball , soccer , football , and badminton is fun because you can compete with your friend ! and also run , cardio , and gym workout also can be fun ! . So why you hate things that really fun to doing that ! also is healthy and is FUN !

That is 3 reason why you should started doing sport ! because sport can get you many benefits from doing it so why not doing now ? dont wait because if you wait its often too late so doing the sport now and get many benefits from it and dont forget HAVE FUN GUYS

"Life is A Sport Make it Count !"- Nike Basketball

Ps: Iam sorry i doing this post with english because i wanna train my writing skill i know its still awful hehe i am sorry i just trust the process because i believe "bisa karena biasa" things so peace out !